Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold Steel GI Tanto handle re-wrapping guide

The handle re-wrapping was a part of a bigger project, where I removed the top guard of the knife and applied some camo pattern on the blade (ala Extrema Ratio style).

The original handle wrap looked like this:

Removing the original wrap:

After that I removed the leather cover of the handle to expose the holes for fixing the new paracord. First I drove the paracord through the hole close to the end of the handle, then keeping equal lengths each side I used the other hole close to the blade as you can see in the pictures:

I fixed the leather on the handle with double sided adhesive tape:

Then I clamped the knife in a vice and pulled both of the strings to the same side. After that I started the wrapping putting one twist per side while keeping the strings thight:

It sounds a bit confusing but it's easier to do than to describe. When I reached the end of the handle I made a simple knot and melted the end of the cords. It's definitely not the most elegant method, but it works well.

The end result:

Let me know what you think about the result.